Radiator repair services with Bellco Repair Center in
Killeen, Tx 76541

Don't let your automobile over heat with the help of BellCo
Repair Center's auto repair radiator services.

Car overheating and damaging engine temperatures can
be avoided by having a properly working cooling system
under your hood. BellCo Repair Center will make sure your
car has all the cooling factors in place to
prevent any overheating.

Your vehicle has five principal components in its cooling

A radiator has tubes called the "core"
that the coolant flows through. Cooling
fins surround the core. As air passes through the fins,
the coolant releases its heat to the fins, which
dissipate the heat.

Radiator cap
There has to be a place to pour in
coolant and the radiator cap covers
that filling hole. The cap is also designed to seal the
system to a specific pressure.

   Radiator hose
The coolant goes from the radiator to
the engine through a series of hoses
that are sturdy and flexible enough to handle engine
vibration and high heat.

like the device on your home heating/
cooling system, the engine thermostat
keeps the engine at the proper
operating temperature.

Water pump
this is the heart of the engine cooling
system. It pumps coolant through the
whole cooling system, and into the
engine block.
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