Auto alignment services with Bellco Repair Center in
Killeen, Tx 76541

BellCo Repair Center will get you going straight down the road with our auto repair alignment services:

By positioning the angle of the wheels to the
manufacturer's specifications we can prevent wear
and tear on your vehicle. Proper alignment can help
save you money because it prevents wear and tear
on the car and saves on gas.

Anti-Lock Brakes
To prevent wheel lock-up when rapidly pushing
down on the brakes, your vehicle has a anti-lock
brake system. Failure of the anti-lock brakes could
lead from fender benders to way worst. To avoid
this, have your anti-lock brake system checked
and repaired by professionals.
At BellCo Repair Center, we have anti-lock brake experts who will examine and repair your faulty ABS.

Brakes are one, if not the most important part of a vehicle.
If you are hearing a squeal or a grinding noise it’s a matter
of time before your brakes go totally out. Bring your car
or truck into us and we can get your brakes
performing properly.

A driveline is a part of your vehicle that connects the engine and the transmission to the wheel axles. If your driveline is not in proper order your car may not movie at all because there would not be enough energy transmitted from the engine to the wheel axles.
Make sure that your car's driveline is regularly inspected and serviced. BellCo Repair Center can have the driveline serviced by our professionals.

Having good condition tires on your vehicle can
save a lot of vibration which causes defects on
the rest of the automobile. Along with alignment
having good conditioned tires can save you
money in gas. For all your tire needs come to
BellCo Repair Center.

Shocks allow your car to drive smoothly
over rough terrain. They prevent your car
from being torn up from the impacts of the
road. If you are noticing a very jerky,
bouncy or rough feeling, when you are
driving bring your automobile on in and
our mechanics will get you fixed right away.
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